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OPP2355 Pelvic Stabilising Belt With Sacroiliac Pads


  • Sacroiliac pads provide targeted compression and better coverage to the pelvis, alleviating discomfort and improving wearing compliance.
  • The pelvic strap consists of sacral and ischial straps, which can be easily adjusted for custom fit and controlled compression to enhance pelvic stability.
  • User-friendly pocket design ensures easy application.
  • Ergonomic contour design is tailored to pelvic bone, offering great protection.
  • Highly elastic material features great breathability and better compliance.


  • Pain in the pelvic region caused by prolonged standing or sitting
  • Pregnant women with anterior tilting or posterior tilting of the pelvis
  • Pain in the muscles of the pelvic region
Size Chart
Measure around the hip